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Rice seeders may start technological revolution in Laos agriculture ... - ABC Online

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ABC Online Rice seeders may start technological revolution in Laos agriculture ... ABC Online Subsidised rice seeders could be the solution to an agricultural labour shortage in Laos, as workers move to the city.

United Nations News Centre - UN agriculture agency takes step to ... - UN News Centre

Tags: United Nations(2), Rice(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(1), United Nations(2), Rice(1), Agricultural(1), Agriculture(1)
... UN News Centre Concerned about global rice production and eradicating hunger around the world, the United Nations agricultural agency today announced that it has teamed ...

The Disappearing Farm Bill Safety Net

Tags: Wheat(2), Agricultural(1), Wheat(2), Agricultural(1)
The impact of lower commodity prices is that the safety net protection provided by the 2014 Farm Bill’s Agricultural Risk Coverage is projected to decrease substantially....

Pesticide exposures can cause changes in oral microbiome

Tags: Pesticides(2), Pesticide(2), Agricultural(1), Pesticides(2), Pesticide(2), Agricultural(1)
Pesticide exposure in farmworkers from agricultural communities is associated with changes in the oral microbiome. This is the first study to demonstrate such a correlation in humans.

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