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Estonia should reduce its oil shale reliance for greener growth

Tags: Estonia(2), Air pollution(1), Estonia(2), Air pollution(1)
Estonia needs to move faster to reduce its dependence on oil shale so it can advance towards a greener economy and reduce air pollution and waste generation, according to a new OECD report.

Multi-objective local environmental simulator (MOLES 1.0): Model specification, algorithm design and policy applications - Environment Working Paper

Tags: Air pollution(1), Air pollution(1)
...0 models the links between urban land use, mobility patterns, urban economic activities and their environmental impacts, in particular air pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Rising Cost of Ambient Air Pollution thus far in the 21st Century: Results from the BRIICS and the OECD Countries - Environment Working Paper

Tags: Indonesia(1), China(1), India(1), South Africa(1), Africa(1), Russia(1), Air pollution(2), Indonesia(1), China(1), India(1), South Africa(1), Africa(1), Russia(1), Air pollution(2)
This paper presents updated results for the cost of ambient air pollution in 41 countries: the 6 major emerging economies known as the BRIICS – Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China and South Africa – and the 35 OECD member countries.

Blogs and articles related to environment

Tags: Biodiversity(1), Air pollution(1), Biodiversity(1), Air pollution(1)
Read what OECD bloggers have to say about topics as varied as air pollution, biodiversity, climate, environmental policies, green growth, investment, waste and water. Join the discussion on our latest blog: What’s Good for the Climate Can Be Good for Growth Too.

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