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Water Technology Farms Could Give the Ogallala Aquifer a Reprieve

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Farms on the Kansas High Plains have long produced a bevy of crops and livestock, from wheat and corn to cattle and hogs. Now, a new type of operation is taking root in the southwest and northwest parts of the state called water technology farms.

Tyson Foods to Invest $320M in New Chicken Plant in Kansas

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...320 million in a new chicken-processing plant in northeastern Kansas employing 1,600 people so that it can keep up with a growing consumer demand for fresh poultry, the company and state officials announced Tuesday.

2 New Record Prices on IHC Tractors on Kansas Auction

Tags: Sale(2), Kansas(2), Sale(2), Kansas(2)
2 new record auction sale prices set on IHC tractors last week on an online collector auction in Kansas. New record highs set for IHC 1468 and 3788 models. Sale by Aumann Auctions, Inc.

Kubota To Open $90M Parts Center in Kansas

Tags: Kansas(2), Mills(1), Kubota(2), Agricultural(1), Kansas(2), Mills(1), Kubota(2), Agricultural(1)
Kubota announces plans today to invest $90 million to build logistics hub in Kansas to deliver repair parts for agricultural equipment as soon as the next day starting in 2019

Rare 1969 John Deere 3020 Propane on Kansas Auction Sunday

Tags: Sale(1), Ottawa(1), Kansas(1), Tractor(1), John Deere(2), Sale(1), Ottawa(1), Kansas(1), Tractor(1), John Deere(2)
The story behind a rare 1969 John Deere 3020 propane tractor coming up for sale on an Ottawa, KS farm estate auction this Saturday (October 8, 2017)

Kansas Farmer Finds and Buys His Late Grandfather's Combine

Tags: Kansas(2), John Deere(1), Kansas(2), John Deere(1)
Machinery Pete relays the story of a young Kansas farmer who found and bought back his late grandfather's John Deere 55 combine

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