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Texas Farmers Race To Mitigate the Impact of Hurricane Harvey

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UPDATED Friday AM: Hurricane Harvey was upgraded to a Category 2 hurricane this morning. The National Weather Service expects the area of impact to be "uninhabitable for weeks or months."

USDA Report Shows Cotton Crop Improving Before Hurricane Harvey

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While the Texas cotton crop in the southeast region of the state has sustained damage over the weekend from Hurricane Harvey, the overall crop rating for cotton saw a significant improvement, according to the USDA report.

Texas Cotton Improves, Louisiana's Declines After Harvey's Wrath

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Damage estimates from Hurricane Harvey continue to pour in from Texas and Louisiana that will continue to recover from the storm for years to come.

Hurricane Season Takes Top off Cotton Potential

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... The drop off was largely in Texas and Georgia from hurricane damage.

Hurricane Harvey Causes $200M in Ag Losses

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Months after Hurricane Harvey dumped feet of rain on Houston and Texas, economists with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service are totaling up the damages caused by the summer storm, now believed to be a combined $200 million between livestock, hay, feed, cotton, rice and soybeans.

What Does NAFTA Mean for Mexico's Ag Companies?

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...  Many of the trucks that leave southern Texas and arrive in Mexico will end up at Puerto Heada Alezando, a small feed mill in Apodaca, Mexico, just outside of Monterrey. Ricardo E [...

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