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Launch of Ag-Incentives Consortium policy database website

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... The interactive, online tool is developed in a partnership between the OECD, IFPRI, FAO, IDB and the World Bank. It highlights how agricultural policies can create global price distortions that impact the welfare of farmers and consumers.

Candid Cameras: Time-lapse Cameras Monitor Feed Bunks

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Time-lapse cameras are proving to be invaluable tools to monitor feed bunks to show when feed is actually delivered, how often feed is being pushed up and how long bunks are empty.

FAO-WFP report is an invaluable tool for the UN Security Council, says its President

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Ambassador Llorentty Solíz described the report as "an invaluable tool" which will keep the UN Security Council updated on the food security situation of countries in conflict. "The information is very reliable and we look forward to receiving future editions," he added.

Rural development as a path to peace in Colombia is an example for the world

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Colombia’s progress in using rural development as a tool to clinch peace after more than half a century of civil war can “fill the entire world with hope and knowledge,” FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said today.

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