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FJCTV: Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus

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Wheat planting is starting to wrap up for many farmers. On Farm Journal College TV, agronomist Phil Needham discusses one of the most common viruses in winter wheat production, barley yellow dwarf virus.

Water Technology Farms Could Give the Ogallala Aquifer a Reprieve

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Farms on the Kansas High Plains have long produced a bevy of crops and livestock, from wheat and corn to cattle and hogs. Now, a new type of operation is taking root in the southwest and northwest parts of the state called water technology farms.

This week, the charts are pointing at wheat markets and technical tool

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This week, the charts are pointing at wheat markets and technical tools indicate they markets may be poised to move.

Historic Drought Hammers Dakotas, Montana

Tags: Montana(2), Wheat(1), Drought(2), Montana(2), Wheat(1), Drought(2)
... Crops in the Dakotas and Montana are baking on an anvil of severe drought and extreme heat, as growers and ranchers make difficult decisions regarding cattle, corn and wheat.

EU Wheat Harvest Goes to the Pigs

Tags: Aachen(1), Wheat(2), Agriculture(1), Aachen(1), Wheat(2), Agriculture(1)
As much as 40% of all German wheat will be used for animal fodder this year, double the usual level, according to estimates from Agravis and researcher Agriculture Market Information Co.

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